Day 1, a photo a day, for 30 days..

I watched a few nice TED lectures the other day, one of which has inspired me to embark on a mini project. It was a video presented by guy called Matt Cutts who had started trying out various new things for 30 days at a time, the title of the talk being Try something new for 30 days. I’ll leave you to watch the video on the TED website to find out the various things...… Read more

Well done sky!

Today was such a beautiful looking day that it made you want to look up at the sky and say, “Well done sky, good job.” The cat seemed to like it too… … Read more

Thursday Photo – Snow and Blossom in the Spring

This was taken a couple of years ago near some woods where I used to live. The weather had got a bit confused with Spring arriving early and spreading beautiful blossom onto the trees. It was the snow settling on the ground, produced by a Winter too reluctant to leave that enticed us outside. … Read more

Sugardrum on Bandcamp

I’ve recently set up a page on Bandcamp for my musical endeavours. It’s got 2 Free EPs to download, a Free live Album from a recent house concert and my latest EP, Where Once Were Roads to buy which was previously only available on iTunes. You can find it at Oh, and if anyone would like to have us play at a house concert then do please get in touch. x   … Read more