Day 1, a photo a day, for 30 days..

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I watched a few nice TED lectures the other day, one of which has inspired me to embark on a mini project. It was a video presented by guy called Matt Cutts who had started trying out various new things for 30 days at a time, the title of the talk being Try something new for 30 days.

I’ll leave you to watch the video on the TED website to find out the various things Matt did during his many 30 days.

Me, I’m going to attempt to take and post a photo a day for the next 30 days.  Hopefully the photos will turn out ok and it will encourage me to do find a focus for the photographs that I take anyway.

So, Day 1:

I was walking back late through London Town and passed Trafalgar Square after it had hosted the whole red carpet thing for the new and final Harry Potter film. You can just make out the signage for the the film amongst the shadows.