Hello, I'm a musician, web developer / designer and author.

Little Music List - a music recommendation site

I recently finished creating a new website. It’s a music recommendation site called Little Music List. The genesis of the site began from a list I’ve been creating on my phone. I listen to music all the time, mostly on BBC 6music. When I hear a song I like I use a Drafts.app action to add it to a markdown list inside Dropbox. The list has been growing over the years so I decided to...… Read more

Modern web development on an 8 year old Mac

There’s a question that often gets asked on computer and web development forums. Is the current, cheapest Mac laptop going to be powerful enough for web development? Usually the computer in question is something like the 2019 MacBook Air. Common questions include: Will the base i5 processor will be fast enough or should they move up to the top spec i9? Do they need more than 8gb of ram and a 1tb SSD? Will the...… Read more

7 tips for working from home

It seems like more and more companies are realising that working from home can be just as, if not more productive than commuting into an office everyday. I’ve worked from home for a few years now and have picked up a number of tips on the way. Seeing as more and more of us are now doing this, I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve picked up over the past few years. Ergonomics...… Read more

A simple way to lazy load embedded YouTube videos using vanilla Javascript

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about how to use lazy loading on YouTube videos. It’s the code I use for the videos on my Sugardrum music site and I went to reference from it myself when I needed a similar solution for the videos on this site. Only thing is that the example is done using jQuery, but I don’t use jQuery on this site. I use hardly any JavaScript at...… Read more

A simple guide to good running form

I started running just around the time I turned 40. I can’t remember the exact day or how far I went but I remember running around the local park for 10mins thinking to myself how this was the furthest I had run for over twenty years. I soon became hooked and started running regularly a couple of times per week. Then I did some research on running technique. I read loads about different ways of...… Read more