A simple guide to good running form

I started running just around the time I turned 40. I can’t remember the exact day or how far I went but I remember running around the local park for 10mins thinking to myself how this was the furthest I had run for over twenty years. I soon became hooked and started running regularly a couple of times per week. Then I did some research on running technique. I read loads about different ways of...… Read more

Short Story collection free all this week

My book of short stories, For You I Hide This, is available for free all this week from the Amazon Kindle store. Go download it now while it’s free. Here’s a preview: For you I hide This A fascinating collection of twelve short stories drawn from Nigel’s experiences and imagination. A magical trail under the stairs offers a glimpse into a future self, the hidden words written on postcards on a wall, a cat who...… Read more

New Sugardrum live video

I have a new live video over on my Sugardrum music website, and a little story behind the making of it. … Read more

Social media for musicians

There are a fair number of guides on the web, listing what the author thinks are the best social media websites for musicians to use. Most of them pick the usual popular big two of Facebook and Twitter, ignoring some of the slightly lesser known sites. This guide is slightly different in that I list the websites and services I have used as a musician over the past 19 years with the added knowledge that...… Read more

A simple way to lazy load embedded Youtube videos

Like most musicians I use embedded YouTube videos on my website. They look great, but can really slow the page down. This is especially true if you have more than one of them and is due to the browser having to download extra content from another server. Not only can this affect the experience for the user but it could also have an affect on your page ranking on Google. Fortunately, you can get around...… Read more