My NaNoWriMo

Last November I took part in a writing event that thousands of people across the globe were sharing in, NaNoWriMo. Every day I would sit down in front of my laptop in the small moments of free time I could find and spend as long as I could writing a story called Postcards. In the evenings this was often for as long as I could stay awake or could force my addled brain to work...

Video of New York New York

I recently finished another music video I’ve be working on for my cover of New York New York. You can find out more about my music by visiting my music site – Here’s the video…

Photos from Scotland

I recently went on a lovely Hillwalking and Meditation retreat, deep in the highlands of Scotland. The retreat is called Dhanakosa and is set next to a beautiful tranquill loch surrounded on all sides by mountains. It was a wonderful week – I did lots of walking and mediation as you’d expect but also some running and photograph taking too. Here’s a few of my favourite photos… More photos here

A story about trains in India

Trains in India are long. So long in fact that it’s a shame they don’t use steam trains as a platform shrouded in steamy mist would look great for these massively long trains to slowly disappear into. I’m used to long trains. We have them here in the UK too and it’s a groovy thing as you can fit many people on them, but there’s one subtle difference I wasn’t prepared for when I visited...

Recent work:

    Landirani is a charity helping orphans in Malawi. I gave their website a bit of an update recently, both outside and in. Along with  a restructuring of the internal workings of the site it’s also had a visual update to a cleaner, more easier to use design.